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  2.  Chemistry
  3.  Chemistry
  4.  Calculus
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  6.  Economics
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           Welcome to the premier tutoring service of the Central Coast. SLO Tutoring brings to the student top quality tutoring from the experts at very affordable rates. We believe that it is absolutely crucial that a tutor be able to communicate effectively and answer any question or solve any problem asked of them. Hence we require all of our tutors to possess college degrees and previous tutoring or teaching experience in the areas which they tutor. By this philosophy we have composed a team of highly educated and dedicated professionals who strive to make the most out of a student's educational pursuits.

Our Mission:
SLO Professional Tutoring Services is geared towards motivating students to
obtain high grades while providing the educational assistance necessary for
academic success. Likewise, the level of expertise and quality of tutoring assures
that students obtain the highest grades they are capable of achieving. This pursuit of
excellence requires the desire to put time and effort into studying hard and staying focused and on task from the beginning to end of each course. Our tutors give maximum effort so that students will reach their full potential and obtain a mastery of course material. Teaching techniques accommodate all styles and types of learning – both written and visual.

     SLO Professional Tutoring is committed to improving the lives of students through tutoring personalized for each student. Through the use of our unique assessment techniques, we can identify the methods that will inspire, stimulate, and connect with the student. We help you achieve success during each tutoring session. We believe that success builds upon itself and teach skills that will help you achieve success on your own.  We operate on the premise that a happy student will be a successful student.

     Through our vast experiences in the educational and professional field, we have surmised that there are two factors that determine a student’s success: motivation and effort.  By this wisdom we believe that any student, regardless of their situation or talents, has the ability to succeed if they put their best foot forward.  Hence our strategy in guiding our students has been to set high expectations and set landmarks that lead to reaching those plateaus.  We provide assistance in every conceivable way that takes a student from one step to the next in the learning process.  We take into account a student’s weaknesses, strengths, areas needing improvement, and study habits, and devise a study regiment oriented towards a learning process that a student feels most comfortable adapting to.

     Beyond providing expert educational assistance, we have realized that our most effective way to help a student succeed in school is to give them proper encouragement.  Once we feel the student’s have the incentive to do well in school, along with motivation and effort, we believe that miracles can be achieved in reaching one’s academic goals.

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