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Frequently Asked Questions

We understand as parents you probably have a million questions and
concerns as to how the process works and to the legitimacy of our service. 
So we’ll do our best to read your minds and answer those questions ahead
of time for you:

  • Question: How does the process work?  How do I sign up for tutoring?
    Answer: The process is really quite simple.  Give us a call, e-mail or complete a contact form including your name, phone number, e-mail, school, and course you would like tutoring in, and we will immediately get to work in matching you with a well suited tutor.  Within minutes you should get a call back from your tutor in which you will arrange an initial session; the initial session is usually $30/hr.  If you liked your tutor then you can continue on with that tutor and purchase one of our packages as listed on the Rates page by your next session.  If you would like to try another tutor, we will assign you another tutor and you will follow the same process. The vast majority of the time students are happy with the first tutor we assign them. 
              At the time you choose a tutoring package we will have some basic paperwork for you to complete – including a basic educational survey.  In addition, if you so choose, or if we deem necessary, we will offer an assortment of assessment testing.  Finally, we request that our tutors and their students agree to work out a tutoring schedule where they will meet on a weekly basis.

  • Question: How Qualified are your tutors?
    Answer: We are actually one of the most unique tutoring agencies in that we require that all our tutors possess a degree in the subject they tutor or a relevant field.  As a matter of fact, currently, just about all of our tutors have either a Master’s degree or an engineering degree; definitely crème de la crème.  In addition to their educational background, all of our tutors have either previous tutoring or teaching experience.  We you come to us for tutoring assistance, we assure you that you will get expert help and that your tutor will have the knowledge to answer all your questions.
              The selection process for the tutors is very stringent.  All tutors are individually interviewed and scoped as to what subjects they are most qualified to tutor.  We only allow tutors to teach subjects in which they are highly qualified and have sufficient experience in.  Each tutor is briefed as to our practices and tutoring methodologies which have brought success to a great majority of our students.

  • Question: How do you match tutors with students?
    Answer: We prefer to match tutors to students strictly by expertise.  We understand that teenagers these days want someone who is “cool” and “with it”, but from an educational stand point we find that a student gets the most out of their tutoring experience by being matched with someone who is a vast degree of knowledge and experience in that subject.  Many of our tutors have professional experience which adds a special element to the tutoring because a student can gain invaluable foresight into future courses in the subject matter as well as gaining insight into that career field which they may be contemplating.

  • Question: How much tutoring do you recommend for my son/daughter?
    Answer: This mainly depends on both the subject matter and the age of the student.  There are certain subjects that are definitely very heavy into theory, that is the sciences, of which we recommend a lengthier tutoring session.  Chemistry and Physics II/III session should be a minimum of 1.5 – 2 hours in length.  Where the more “simpler” subjects such as Algebra I can be a mere hour in length.  We also have noticed that the younger students, particularly K- 8th grade, have a shorter attention span.  It is usually wise to keep these sessions to a length of 1 hour and if need be, schedule additional sessions to finish off uncovered material.

  • Question: Do you accommodate students with learning disabilities or other mental/physical handicaps?  If yes, how so?
    Answer:  Yes, Indeed we do accommodate all such students.  To your surprise and to ours, it actually turns out that most of our students with learning disabilities have gone on to earn A’s and B’s and outperform students without disabilities.  This sounds mind boggling and contradictory but there is actually a logical explanation to it all.  Most of these students are aware of their “weaknesses” and “insufficiencies” and as a result allow themselves a great deal more of study time and request tutoring on a more regular basis.  By the time the test arrives, these students have gone over the material so thoroughly that they are basically re-iterating work they have already done in their study sessions.  Whereas the more “gifted” students often take things for granted and sometimes underperform because they have inadequately prepared for their tests.
              So in essence, as always, hard work and determination will overcome many shortcomings and any student willing to put the time and effort into their studies can achieve miracles and get whatever grade they so desire.  There are a number of coping mechanisms and learning strategies that we impart for students with visual/auditory learning disabilities but these are handled on a student by student basis.  Again we take a personalized approach for each student and search for which learning methods work best for each student.

  • Question: Do you offer other services besides just tutoring?
    Answer: As a matter of fact we do.  If you refer to the “High School” we mention a number of the college preparation services we offer.  This includes drafting and review of your Personal Essay as well as assistance with compiling your college applications.  We also will sit down with the students and/or parents and discuss a “College Track” to follow as in the number of steps to take from seeking colleges to getting admitted. 
              We also offer mentoring and counseling to students of all ages, both on an educational and personal level.  Many of our tutors have extensive experience with the educational system and setting out and accomplishing personal educational goals.  Students may find themselves in “sticky” personal situations in terms of peer pressure, harassment at school, and issues with friends, parents, teachers etc… and we have staff equipped to discuss and handle all these issues.  If students feel they are being mistreated by a student, teacher, staff member at school, we will take the appropriate steps to mediate and intervene on the student’s behalf to solve these problems.  We are always in the process of developing relationships with school officials and finding creative ways to solve various distressing issues that occur at school.
              Being that many of our tutors have spent a number of years in their profession, we are able to provide an assortment of career related services.  This services include resume review, practicing interview skills, and assistance with job applications and searches.  Please refer to our “Professional Services” page for a detailed listing.

  • Question: Where does tutoring occur?
    Answer: Wherever you like, it’s that simple.  We could tutor you either at school, if there are the facilities available; we could tutor you at home, or at another location, for example a coffee shop.  It is completely your choice.  Sometimes it is advantageous to conduct sessions on campus because of convenience or because there are certain rooms available primarily for tutoring.  It can also be desirable to have sessions in the comfort of your own home, so you don’t have to do additional traveling or so you don’t have to be limited by the hours and availability of faculties at a school.
              There is however, as stated on the rates page; in additional quarter hour fee for sessions in which tutors have to travel excessively.  This is to fairly compensate them for mileage and driving time.