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K-8 Grade

            Our motto is that the most important years of a student’s life is
9th – 11th grade.  That is because the grades during these years go on your university transcripts and not grades of other years; in general.  And although getting tutoring may not seem so crucial in an economic sense during the early years, it is definitely important to have your act together by 8th grade.  However you could see that it may not be wise to start trying hard to do well in school in 9th grade; it may be too late by then to just all of a sudden try to get on track.  Hence it is important to realize that staying on track and being successful in school is something that should start early on in the childhood years.  It is best that parents keep a close eye on their child’s progress from Kindergarten to 8th grade so that they don’t fall too far behind to a degree that tutoring or outside support cannot bring up to par by high school.

            Of all subjects, the one which seems most sequential and dependent on previous year’s success is math.  We recommend who continuously struggle or get low grades in math get tutoring during or before 8th grade so that they are ready to succeed in whatever course they are going to start off with in high school.  There really is no erasing or replacing of grades in high school; it’s pretty well grafted on to your university application.  Next to math in importance, in our opinion, is writing skills.  These skills are used not only in English courses but report writing occurs in variety of subjects.  Having these writing skills honed in by the end of middle school can pay off in many ways grade wise during your high school years.