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SAT Test Prep

  • 6-week/8-week study programs
  • Individual or Small Group Tutoring (Groups of 2-5)

Subjects we tutor include:

  1.  Physics
  2.  Chemistry
  3.  Chemistry
  4.  Calculus
  5.  Algebra
  6.  Economics
  7.  English
  8.  ...and more

Session Rate Sheet for Individual Tutoring

Upon initial session, students must purchase a block of hours before continuing to receive additional tutoring.  Students may choose one of the following packages:

(Note: The top number is the hourly rate and the bottom number is the total package price)


50 hr

20 hr

10 hr

5 hr

Level 1





Level 2





Level 3





Level 1: Math: Arithmetic – Algebra II, Geometry, General k-12 grade courses
Level 2: Math: Pre-Calculus – Calculus, Trigonometry, Sciences: Biology, Chemistry, Physics; General College coursework 100-200 level; SAT/AP Prep
Level 3: Math/Science College level 300 and above, Engineering coursework, graduate coursework; Specialized Test Preparation

Additional Stipulations:

  • Traveling Fee:  A $5.00 or quarter hour traveling fee may be assessed per session for session locations that are at the student’s residence or beyond 10 miles from the tutor’s city of residence or the student’s campus.
  • Purchased hours are non-refundable except in the following cases: 1) Tutor fails to attend session 2 or more times or is 15 or more minutes late to 3 or more sessions; 2) Tutor fails to provide sufficient availability of 20 hours/week during reasonable hours as aforementioned; 3) To the tutor’s discretion, the tutor may elect to relinquish a student at which point all unused hours must be fully refunded to the student.
  • “No-shows” or failures to cancel within 24 hours of session appointment time may be considered as 1 hour of elapsed session time.
  • Purchased hours are valid for 1 year from the purchase date.
  • Additional hours may be purchased at the session rate of the purchased package in increments of 5 hours or 2 hours within last 2 weeks of course.
  • Session times are rounded down to the nearest 15 minutes.
  • Minimum session time is 1 hour.